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John & Sarah Engagement (Portland Oregon)

After a month and a half vacation/break, I had my

Dakota & Kelcy Engagement (Portland Oregon)

Had such a blast with these two. They came from

Jason & Soojin Engagement ( Oregon)

Loved Loved everything about this couple and this

Riley & Kristen Engagement part 2 ( Portland Oregon)

I didn’t think it would be possible for day

Riley & Kristen Engagement Part 1 ( Portland Oregon)

Love these two:). I was so excited when they

Eddie & Natalie Engagement (Mt Hood, Oregon)

I love the Pacific Northwest, you can get three

Greg & Amy Engagement (Hood River Oregon)

Happy 2015 everyone. So excited about this year

Logan & Amy Engagement (Half Moon Bay, California)

Allow yourself to be adventures. I Adore these